Bea Sueters

Bea [Beya] Sueters is a web strategist and demand generation expert.

Demand Generation Quick Facts

  • Every sustainable business needs a demand-generation strategy.Bea Sueters
  • Demand Creation is complex, but it brings long-lasting results.
  • Demand Generation stimulates a market so the target groups understand why they need your product or service.
  • Demand Creation is about problem identification and education on what to do about that problem.
  • Demand Generation is different than qualified sales leads. The leads come if the demand exists.

Bea believes that the end-user marketing strategy of the company is one of the most essential factors in demand creation. End-user marketing integrates the voice of the customer and the end-user in the applications, products, and systems.

By employing end-user marketing as a market-driven strategy, companies can easily create value, build awareness, and establish trust in the marketplace.

Bea Sueters is also convinced that umbrella branding is one of the most potent tools in branding.

Umbrella branding labels more than one product with the same (corporate) brand name.

It is a branding policy in which a multiproduct firm uses its (corporate or collective) reputation as a bond for the quality insurance of all the products created under its brand name.

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