What is Personal Rebranding and Why it Matters

What exactly are you recognized for? What exactly do people point out about you after you have departed the room? How exactly can you influence your status to win that campaign or secure that new customer? For many years you have carefully concentrated on your personal brand, but what happens if you now would like to redesign yourself?

Things like this happen continuously. A marketing professional moves into retail. A technical professional wants to get into real estate. A financial expert wants to jump ship and become a sports coach. Your chosen path may look perfect to you, but exactly how can you encourage other people to accept your new professional identity, your brand, and more importantly, still take you seriously? Here you can find five steps that can be helpful in your efforts to reinvent (re-brand) yourself for the professional marketplace.

  • What’s Your Destination?
     First, you should establish a precise understanding of where you would like to go, and the expertise and skills required to get there. If you have been active in technology in recent years, you may possibly know everything about new marketing toys on the market, from Facebook to Foursquare. Yet can you successfully communicate that information to a non-technical crowd? Mastering the expertise you require will enable you to obtain the confidence needed to begin figuring out (and publicizing) yourself in your new individuality.

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Demand Creation

  5 things about Demand Creation Demand Creation is different than generating qualified sales leads. The leads come if the demand exists Demand Creation is about stimulating a market so the target groups understand why they need your product or service Demand Creation is about problem identification, education on what to do about that problem, and … Read more

The Power of Marketing Automation

A marketing-automation system’s first task is to capture anonymous website-visitor statistics. When a visitor fills out a form, those statistics can be linked to an actual person. With a marketing automation system, you can quickly build a Web form, and—if needed—an entire landing page (useful for search advertising). When you’ve captured a new lead, the … Read more

Types of Marketing Leads

What is a LEAD? A LEAD is a single person who has taken action to inquire about your products and services. There are more ways to get leads today than ever before, so it’s more important than ever that we create a systematic approach for dealing with leads in an effective manner. Types of Leads … Read more