Hans Sueters

Hans Sueters is an experienced entrepreneur, with successful footprints in many industries.

Key Facts About Hans Sueters

For the last 7 years, Hans has been focusing on digital media together with his wife Bea. He brings a stoic approach to the fast-paced digital publishing world. He specialized in the optimization of marketing automation.

Marketing automation is a tool and provides no magic by itself. You need the right people and processes to make it a success.

A big part of lead nurturing is educational content. If you don’t have content such as whitepapers or webinars available today, you should create it as part of your marketing automation project. To be successful, you need to have also an ideal customer profile and a good working relationship with Sales, so you can easily set up initial lead-scoring rules.

It is also useful if you know what goals you want to reach and which metrics you want to monitor.

You also need a fair amount of leads in your database and enough new leads coming in; if not, you have a lead-generation problem that should be solved first.

And, as a rule of thumb, most companies that use marketing automation already had prior experience with email marketing, CRM, and Web analytics. If you have never used any of those, marketing automation may be premature.

Hans plays acoustic and electric guitars when the time is right.

He has been quoted saying:

“You can’t change the past, so make sure you can influence your future.”

Hans Sueters and Bea Sueters-Venice, Italy

Hans Sueters and Bea Sueters-Maine